The Magazine

This online magazine layout helps contributors organize their articles in a traditional blog format with a list of most recent articles. A sidebar for team members is displayed on the left so that users can view who is contributing to the content. The hero image is the lead feature article that is currently trending with a small caption for the author.

Article Layout

The article layout emphasizes on the content. The feature image for the article is enlarged and meant to take up the entire width of the page layout for reader engagement. Images are used to trigger an emotional response from the user. Notice the placement of article images and how they take up two thirds of the page to bring the article to life.

Archived Articles

Articles are archived/organized based on author. Each author has their own column that neatly displays the articles in card format what they have written. This simple grid shows the user in a quick glance the content they have written with a small synopsis of what it's about.

Contributor Layout

Simple about page that displays the authors of the blog and details about their credentials.