SkyRocket Mail - iOS App

More personal and engaging email app that will immediately make an emotional connection to your inbox.

Event Picasso - iOS App

Event planning application for Weddings, Baby Showers and other special event parties.

WikiBand - iOS App

A design experiment that allowed me to explore ways to visually present content with a popular medium (music). This is a small iOS app that displays wikipedia articles of your favorite bands or playlist.

MovieApp - Website

This web application was inspired by Netflix's playstation application. Movie or film entries are retrieved from IMDB. A simple layout for displaying media content.

Music Player - Mobile App

Basic music player application that was inspired by Rdio's blurred album art background approach. I wanted to explore this concept in a music player app for iOS with simple playback contols located at the bottom.

Web Applications - Snapshots

Calendar Agenda (Web Application)
Price Layouts (Web Application)
Image Gallery (Web Application)
Cloud Storage (Web Application)
Alpha Mockup for Cloud Storage Application (Web Application)