Event Picasso

Organize your big event with the help of Event Picasso's three core features, Budget Managment, Tasks Management, and Guest List Tracker. The home screen is the app's dashboard that will give you a glimpse of how much money is left to spend, number of tasks that have been completed, and which guests have said yes to your invitation.

The main menu displays all the available features to handle your event with precision. The event planning app prominently displays your profile photo just above the menu items for a more customized look.

Event Listing

Event Picasso allows users to organize more than one event. The "Events List" screen displays each event the user has created with an image provided by the app. I decided to use images throughout the app to provide a more personalized look and feel to help engage the user with organizing their tasks. I certainly wanted to convey a wedding album sort of theme to this project. The typeface used throughtout the app is Whitney by H&FJ.

Tracking your event budget

Keep track of how much you spend with an easy to use budgeting system. Always know with a quick glance how much is safe to spend when viewing your budgeting summary. The details screen allows users to insert or take a photo of the item they purchased. Using personalized images allows Event Picasso to become more of an event scrape book that can be revisited later.