• Side Project - Bookscribbles

    Design discussion on my side project called Bookscribbles.

  • Design Exercise for Magic the Gathering

    Recently, I created several mockups for a friend related to Magic the Gathering. Here are a few brief thoughts on the design and layout.

  • Implementing a playful image bounce with expansion and blur.

    Twitter's iOS App has a nice pull down animation with the profile's header image. I attempt to re-create it for WikiBand.

  • Designing with Grids on iOS

    Updated progress on my iOS app. I discuss my experience with UICollectionViews and options you have at your disposal for basic grid options.

  • Transforming Designs to Real Pixels

    Some thoughts on how to transform one of my designs from a mockup into actual code using the iOS platform. The focus for this particular case study is the Visual Format Language and NSAttributedString.

  • Iterative Design

    My thoughts on iterative design and the process required to achieve your vision.

  • Designing a Mobile Calendar

    I recently designed a mobile calendar and I wanted to discuss my thought process for my final design.

  • Compact Email for Yosemite

    Another take on a Yosemite OS X based mail client.

  • Mail App Concept

    I wanted to re-imagine the default Mac OS X Mail App based on Bohemian Coding's Fonts.

  • WikiBand Mobile App - Design Concept

    A small discussion on some early design concepts for a web app that I am working on as a side project.

  • Designing UI Controls

    Some initial thoughts of some obstacles and design decisions when creating a new set of web UI controls.

  • iOS Navigation

    I explore different design options for popular iOS Navigation Patterns.

  • iOS Mail Concept

    This is my own personal take on how an iOS Mail Client App should look like.

  • Boilerplate for prototyping websites

    Simple tool for prototyping websites or fleshing out new ideas with some cutting edge front-end tools.

  • My Design Process

    Some quick thoughts on my design process. How do I take an idea in my head to something that's real and usable.

  • Movie App Mockup

    Another design exercise. This is my attempt to visualize a movie player app for the web.

  • Now using Cloud Typography by H&FJ

    H&FJ just released their much anticipated webfont solution called Cloud.typography. And it doesn't disappoint.

  • iOS 7 Music Player

    I created a mockup of an iOS Music Player App based on Rdio's desktop music player. It's just a small exercise of taking an existing UI concept that was designed for the desktop and integrating it into a mobile app.

  • My Sony RX1

    Here is a selection of photographs that I have taken with my Sony RX1 camera. This wonderful camera with a fixed 35mm Zeiss lens and full frame sensor produce some stunning images. The design and precision of the camera is unmatched by anything currently in the market. It has been one of the best pieces of technology I have ever acquired. You should defintely check it out.

  • Side Projects

    I am back doing side projects again. Most of them have been really small in scope. They have ranged from being small designs done with sketch, to this website you are reading right now. I also consider my photography to be an on going side project. I plan to showcase some of my new work with this website.

  • Steve Jobs on building a company

    When Steve Job's biography by Walter Isaacson came out last year, there was one passage that really resonated with me.

  • Personal Website Redesign

    It's been a long time since I wrote a blog post on my personal website. But since I have no readers, I think that's ok.

  • WWDC 2010

    This is my second year attending WWDC and I feel very lucky to have the resources to attend this year.

  • Big Nerd Ranch's iPhone Programming

    This is a brief review of the second cocoa book I've read the past month.

  • Cocoa & Objective-C

    I have spent the past month reading two books devoted to iPhone Programming and Cocoa.

  • iPad Review

    There are plenty of reviews that go over the pros and cons of Apple's new "magical and revolutionary" product.

  • Finding my identity as a coder

    Sometimes I find myself looking for a fun coding project to devote my time to outside of work.