Now using Cloud Typography by H&FJ

My website has been updated with webfonts from Hoefler & Frere-Jones’s Type Foundry. I just signed up for a one year subscription to cloud.typography. When I logged into my account for the first time to select my favorite H&FJ fonts for my website, I was pleasantly surprised with the ease and use of their web interface. Cloud.typography offers fine grain control to your webfonts. You can deliver your webfonts in all small caps, swashes, and remove unwanted characters to ensure your fonts load fast and reduce the payload. In fact, if you use a particular font for a logo, you no longer have to include the entire font face. Just select the characters that make up your logo and only those characters will be delivered to your website.

You have the choice of five free webfont packages from H&FJ’s collection. So you need to be careful with your selection because you can’t remove a webfont once you settled on one. So far, I have selected the following 5 webfonts; Gothom 1, Gothom ScreenSmart, Mercury ScreenSmart Basic, Whitney ScreenSmart, and Whitney. The fonts I selected are what I consider work horse typefaces. They are very versatile and should serve me well with my upcoming design projects.

The webfonts I selected for my personal website include Gothom for headings and headlines. And the wonderful Mercury (ScreenSmart) for all body text. The ScreenSmart technology of H&FJ is remarkable. The text is much more crisp and sharp on smaller screens and looks really impressive on retina displays. H&FJ created this feature to offer outstanding quality for all text sizes no matter which platform is serving the webfont. ScreenSmart’s process includes reshaping every typeface character using tools that were built on top of the Webkit layout engine. This ensured that H&FJ design team can experience the environment that their users would use to read them. It made a huge difference in the quality of webfont.

Thus far I have been thoroughly impressed with this web service. I certainly plan to renew my subscription to use typefaces by H&JF for years to come.