My Sony RX1

Just recently, I been spending a quite of bit time with my new Sony RX1 full-frame camera. I realize this camera is for the professional photographer. I am far from a professional. I wouldn’t even call my self a novice photographer. But I couldn’t help being attracted to such a piece of technology that excels in creating some stunning photographs. This camera with it’s full-frame sensor and fixed 35mm F3 lens has taken some breath taking photographs. The results from this camera have exceeded my expectations. Below are small sample of photos that I have taken.

Close up of my wife's Kindle

Shot of my wife reading her Kindle on our hammock.

Random sea weed found on the beach at Amelia Island.

Assortment of small sea shells scattered on the beach.

Took this shot during my walk on the beach (Amelia Island).

Small flower growing out of our backyard fence.

Blooming flowers in our garden.

Railroad crossing sign outside Cedar Park, TX.

Took this shot of my Jack Russell (Sparky) out on our patio.