Side Projects

The past few days I decided to give this website a brand new design as my first side project. It’s been a while since I have started a project that is not related to work. So I am really happy to have delivered this website in a relatively short amount of time. As with all personal websites, they can be time consuming to design. I have to admit that it took several design iterations to have come to the final layout and format. What I ended up with is a relatively clean and minimal look that makes my content easy to consume.

The focus for this personal website is to show off my portfolio. That particular section of my website will always be in flux. I also want to display my photography. My blog posts will always display a photograph that I have taken with my own camera. I plan to roll out a gallery page in the next few days. I am pretty excited about this new website. My intention is to post some side project work that will hopefully motivate and provide momentum for me and others. Momentum to finish my side projects and see them reach to full growth or serve a purpose that is positive in an educational sense.