Personal Website Redesign

It’s been a long time since I wrote a blog post on my personal website. But since I have no readers, I think that’s ok. I want to start posting again. Not that I really ever had a blog that was continually updated throughout the year. If you look at my archive, I have a whopping five blog posts. All created two years ago. That’s pretty lame. But that is going to change. I want to start to chronicle my journey at this phase of my career as a web developer. Quite a bit has happened already this year and I want to use this platform to keep track of it all. So where to begin?


Let’s start with the redesign of my personal webpage. I decided to abandon the original theme I adopted a couple of years ago. That theme was someone else’s design. I wanted something to call my own. So the first thing I turned my attention to was typography. I believe that just the right type can dramatically change the whole look of a site for the better. Any site that has great design has a specific font type as its center piece. The two fonts that are displayed on my website is Omnes Pro and Museo Slab. Both of which are being served from Typekit. I didn’t run into these two fonts by accident. Nor did my great design experience and taste help me decide to select these fonts. I am joking about my great design experience. Well known graphic designer Jason Santa Maria wrote a blog post on these two fonts on typekit’s blog. I thought this sans serif would be perfect for my new website. I admired the simplicity of the rounded letters and thought it made my website a little more friendly and approachable to the reader. Omnes Pro will stick around only for a little awhile. I plan to replace it soon. This website will be used for experimenting with different designs as I gain more experience in the trade.

###Responsive Web Design###

As part of the new redesign, I wanted to make my website responsive. If you are not sure what I mean, try resizing your browsing. You will notice that this page will respond by alternating it’s layout with different browser width sizes. I learned all about responsive web design through Ethan Marcotte’s excellent book called Responsive Web Design. This small gem of a book gives you all the instruction you need to start creating responsive websites. I highly recommend the book.

The colors on the site are bland and that is somewhat intentional. I don’t want anything to distract from the font type that is displayed on the page. I also don’t want colors to be distracting and take away any of the content of the page. Let’s see if this layout and color template grows on me. I am already thinking of more redesigns. There might be a version 2.0 coming in the near future. I am still not happy with the results of this particular design. But I am sure this blog will remain simple and bare.

I don’t consider myself to be a web designer. Not yet at least. I don’t have the training/schooling or background of a designer. I am a programmer that likes to create things with code. I am just in the transistion of including design into my own toolset as a front-end developer.